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How to Shoot Fast with AWM Free Fire on Cell Phone

If there is something that many players find a little complicated, it is the way in which they can use the controls and for many some weapons can be quite slow, here we can include the AWM, but luckily we can improve their speed very easily, and we We will be explaining how to achieve it.

So today we will teach you how to shoot fast with AWM Free Fire on your cell phone , in addition to telling you how to get it, so that in this way you can start to climb positions within the game without having any kind of problems, when you have it in your possession, even your Enemies will try to hide whenever they can.

How to find an AWM in Free Fire?

There are several ways, the “easiest” would be to eliminate an enemy that has one, that way we can keep the weapon, but in case you don’t like that idea very much, you also have another one that will help you a lot, which is looking for it. In different maps of the game , these zones are the following:

  • Purgatory
  • Bermuda
  • Hangar
  • Cape Town
  • Forge
  • Brasilia
  • Mt Villa

You must be very careful when looking for these areas, but at the end of the day you will get the much sought after AWM , now you just need to know how to shoot faster on your cell phone, which we will tell you next.

How to shoot fast with awm free fire on mobile

As in its PC version, to shoot quickly you will have to go to the settings, specifically the controls, here you will activate the option that says ” Press shoot to look ” with this option active, we will only have to press the fire button and the scope will appear by itself, first we locate the enemy since when you release the button the weapon will fire automatically.

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