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How to Mark Enemies in Free Fire

When you’re in the middle of a match, trying to survive above all else, you see one of your opponents in the distance, but suddenly you lose sight of him, just as quickly as you had seen him, which leaves you with a bad taste. by mouth, it would be nice if there was an ability to mark enemies , the best part of all is that it exists!

We will teach you everything that has to do with this Free Fire technique, since sometimes it is what we all need, since as they say, we must not lose sight of our enemies for a second and with that ability it is just the right thing to do. that we are going to achieve, of course this does not prevent them from eliminating you, but it gives you the advantage of the situation.

So, what do you say? Will you stay to see how to mark enemies in Free Fire ? Sure you do, just make sure you carefully read each of the steps that you must follow to have this ability and start it when you have it, since it will be very useful when you are on the battlefield.

How to Mark Enemies in Free Fire

To mark enemies you will need the ” Tracker ” ability, you can obtain it by winning the character Iris, it is a fairly recent one in the game, so it will not be very difficult for you to find it, you can search in the store or go to the events section , that way you can win it.

With this ability you can even mark players who are behind a Gloo wall , that way despite the protection, if you shoot them the bullet will go through all their defenses, that way your enemies will end up losing, although at first you can only use it for 5 times, as time goes by you can do it more times.

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