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How to get Orange Belts in Free Fire

Events are a very important part of Free Fire and of many video games alike, since it is where people gather the most to compete with each other or help each other, the simple fact of playing with another person makes the experience more fun, there is something in it that fills people with emotion, so always the developers put a lot of effort into everything.

In this case we are talking about an event where the theme is a bit about Boxing, but we will not have to fight against anyone in this way, the Free Fire matches will remain the same, what changes is that we will have to find the orange belts , which Many people find it very complicated, so we decided to explain how it is done.

So we invite you to stay with us to find out how to get the orange belts in Free Fire , since it can certainly be complicated for many of us, but the truth is that it is super easy to have them. So get ready for the fight and give your all to come out on top in this event and win the jackpot.

How to get the orange belts in Free Fire?

To find said belt we will have to enter the KO Night event, where we will have to carry out different missions and challenges to start earning our orange belt, some of these things range from entering daily to finding Gloo walls, but of course there are also many challenges. more complicated.

What are the Free Fire orange belts for?

This object is considered a Token within the game, so it is best to save it to get improvements, whether they are weapons, dances or even characters, and since it is a special event, there will be exclusive objects that we can claim using our orange belt, for what is best will be to save them until we find something that we really like.

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