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How to Bug Games in Free Fire Ranked

Many people want to know how they can continue to advance on the Free Fire battlefield and require some extra help to achieve the victory they so desire. If you stayed in the same place and want to move forward, we bring you an article that may interest you!

Well, there are bugs that are some failures in the game that we can take advantage of in a way to overcome certain obstacles that may arise in the game, so that you can advance in the Free Fire games .

How to Bug Games in Free Fire Ranked

In Free Fire there is a bug that helps us become immortal on the battlefield. With this bug we can obtain victories in a fast and reliable way. To be able to do this we will not need someone to be an expert, because the truth is that anyone can do it.

But, we recommend that you do not perform consecutively, but in interspersed games we can draw the attention of other players and they may report this behavior in the Free Fire game .

How to bug games in free fire qualifying squad duel

When we start the Free Fire game and find ourselves on the plane, we must prepare to jump the battlefield, at this time we will follow the next steps that we will present to you now. Do you want to know how to bug games in qualifying games ? Pay attention!

  • When we already make the jump from the plane, we are going to land in the factory building that is located in the southern area of ​​the map.
  • Note that the indicated landing spot is on the roof of the factory .
  • Remember that at the beginning of each game we are completely unarmed and we do not have a cure kit either .
  • After we wait on the roof of the factory, most of the players have died on the pitch.
  • When we come down from the roof we are going to reduce our standard of living, so it is important to select the Airdrop to be able to use the cure kit.
  • When jumping from the roof , we must make sure that there are no enemies nearby.
  • To perform this jump, we are going to lie down on the edge of the roof with our head in the air, and we are going to start crawling. At that moment is where we are going to use the bug in the game.
  • Thanks to this bug, our avatar is going to drop down the column to the floor, and if we’re lucky, we’ll get there safely and we won’t have to use the cure kit .
  • Now, we will only have to face a few or almost no enemies, and we will be able to qualify at the top of the game.

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