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How to be the leader of an Abandoned Free Fire Clan

Living the experience of playing with friends in duos or squads is one of the most important advantages of being part of a clan in Free Fire , but also another benefit that undoubtedly plays an attractive role within the Garena community, is the possibility of receiving rewards, some of which we can claim simply by entering the game daily.

However, perhaps you have had to live the situation of abandonment of your clan leader and you want to resume the course of it but you do not know how to make this possible, so do not worry, here we will explain everything you need to know so that you can reach be the leader of your abandoned clan in Free Fire and lead your allies on the wonderful path of victory.

How to be the leader of an abandoned Free Fire clan?

First we will tell you under what terms the abandonment of the clan leader applies, and this occurs after the 60 days of inactivity have elapsed . After this, clan members will receive an in-game message informing them that the active person with the highest seniority and highest title will become the new clan leader.

However, you surely have the question of what is the highest level in Free Fire, and because every season, Free Fire players fight to move up the ranks. In total, the ranked mode is measured in seven leagues: the lowest is BRONZE and the highest is GRANDMASTER, which ends up being the desire of every battle royale player.

What does the leader of a clan do in Free Fire?

The job of a clan leader is to make sure that all members (or potential members) of the clan clearly understand the mission of the team and that knowing it they work together to make that vision a reality and be able to achieve the title of winners in the battles. So if you want to become the leader of your clan, you must be committed.

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