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How to be fast in Free Fire

Higher speed in Free Fire means better skill in Battle Royale . The idea is that you are a killer in an online game or with friends. Sometimes the Free Fire Battle Royale games are usually ruthless. IF it becomes the case that you meet high-level players, you may suffer.

It is for this reason that we are going to give you several tips so that you can gain speed in the game, since remember, the higher the speed, the better skill in a battle, do not forget it and you will be the fastest in Free Fire .

How to be fast in Free Fire?

First of all, there are two fundamental characters to be able to give off better speed in a battle . And it’s the skills that Kelly and Joseph have. With any character you can apply the advice, but with these two it will be essential and it will be much more noticeable.

The next tip points to the way you go about switching weapons. Always, but always, you should do it by jumping. This way it will be much faster and you will also distract and get out of sight of those who want to eliminate you. Another recommendation that you can apply to improve your speed is to keep moving when you are in an open field.

That is, when you run into battle, try to jump and change weapons. It is also advisable to aim . This way you are not caught off guard when the attack begins against you. This also makes your fingers move fast, you gain skill in your hands.

There is an interesting trick to put ice walls that will make you much faster to protect yourself. It’s simple, look to lower the lift button, look and when you’re reaching the bottom you apply the wall and that’s it. Lastly, when you are performing the jumping weapon swap, try to do it by moving everywhere. Run this cheat while you’re in the middle of the battle.

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