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How to be dean in Free Fire

Free Fire remains one of the best video games of the Battle Royale genre within mobile devices, with events that are renewed as time goes by, not to mention that with each update the textures are improved and even new ones are added. characters.

Another thing that makes the game stand out from the rest is because we can create our own clan to play with our friends or meet many more people and become the best in the game all together, that’s where the Dean comes into our game . today’s topic, as many would like to have this position.

So we will take care of telling you how to be a dean in Free Fire , so that you can get this position so desired by many, although it is clear that first you must train a lot, since practically with this rank you will be the second most important within a clan. Let’s get started!

What is a Dean in Free Fire?

A Dean is one who has extensive experience in the game , so only players with more time in the game can reach this position, although of course the rules to achieve it vary depending on the clan, since it will be said leader who Choose the one you think is best suited for that position.

How to be Dean in Free Fire?

As we mentioned before, it will depend on the clan where you are, generally some ask that their dean be in the Heroic rank, in addition to having good skills for aiming and handling weapons at short and long distance, also that when it comes to a clan, good decisions to manage the team also count.

Start by training your precision and also the way you move on the maps, whenever you are on team missions make sure you practice your plans with others, so that the leader of said group can take you into account, and If you play with him, tell him about it, that can also help.

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