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Free Fire Hacker Shop

Have you ever wondered what the Free Fire Hacker Store is ? Excellent! Well, in this article we will explain everything you need to know about this store that Garena Free Fire offers us. The hacker’s store is available in Lucky Royale and its dynamics are quite similar to others that are already available in the game, that is, you will have to invest diamonds.

This aspect can perhaps be a point against, since not everyone has diamonds to buy things in Free Fire . But, if you want to know it to take it into account at any other time, keep reading this article! Let’s get started!

All about the Free Fire Hacker Store

To begin with, you should know that the Hacker’s Store  divides its products into two parts: jackpots and extra prizes. The jackpots have exclusive items like cosmetic outfits and weapon skins. Here we can find stuff like M1887 – Air Blast, Read the Dragon Pack, Kingfisher – Enchanted Fable and more. In the extra prizes, Free Fire players can opt for lower condition loot such as common weapon boxes and outfits such as Golden Pheasant and Guardian Angel.

The system will ask players to choose a prize from each bag of goods. Once the selection is confirmed, you will have to spend diamonds to spin the wheel and try your luck in case you win the jackpot. Garena specifies that you will win the jackpot after six spins. The first spin costs 9 diamonds. Then the cost will be higher and higher: 9, 29, 49, 199, 499, and 699 diamonds .

On the other hand, when entering the hacker’s store, the player must choose a main prize and a secondary prize from among 12 available prizes. Subsequently, the event will ask you if your choice is correct since once the chosen prizes are confirmed it is not possible to change them, the first spin or attempt starts with only  9 diamonds , this initial price will increase with each attempt.

Prices of the spins in the Free Fire Hacker Shop

  • 1st spin  = 9 diamonds.
  • 2nd spin  = 99 diamonds.
  • 3rd spin  = 199 diamonds.
  • 4th spin  = 299 diamonds.
  • 5th spin  = 399 diamonds.
  • 6th spin  = 999 diamonds.

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