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AFK Free Fire

Playing ranked games is something that brings a lot of anxiety for some, since they are events where you have to try to raise your rank as much as possible, but everyone is looking for the same goal so it will not be easy, of course It’s also a fun thing to do and Free Fire understands that very well.

However, in some cases it can happen that we end up with an AFK block, many will even wonder what that means, so today we will fully dedicate ourselves to the subject, teaching you how to unlock it as well as how to prevent this from happening, since it is much better if this kind of thing doesn’t come to interrupt our streak in the game.

For this reason, we invite you to see with us how to unlock the AFK in Free Fire , so that in this way you do not have any problems and can enjoy all the games you want without having to be in danger of being blocked by the game.

How is an AFK created in Free Fire?

An AFK means “ Away From Keyboard ” or “ Alejado Del Teclado ” in Spanish, and it is exactly that, when we find ourselves in a game and stop playing for at least 10 seconds, the platform will automatically activate an AI to take our place. , so we will have 60 seconds to return, and in the event that we do not, our game will count directly as a defeat.

In the event that we let more than 8 AFK pass, we will be directly blocked from the squad duel mode, as well as from the qualifier, so we will have to avoid this happening at all costs, which can be avoided by playing only when we have the time. enough, that way we would not be taking any risk.

How to unlock an AFK in Free Fire?

In case this has already happened to us, to unlock our account we will have to wait a while and play other game modes, and make sure of exactly that, play , so that the system notices that we are using the account and can unlock us , this can take a while so as we mentioned before, it is best to avoid it whenever possible.

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